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accounting taxes and more
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accounting taxes and more

Founded in 1998 and both working and living within our community for the entire tenure, saving our clients over $3.8 million.  Here at Accounting Taxes and More, Inc. we believe in providing excellent service at a fair price. 

At Accounting Taxes and More, Inc Bob Ferraro is the principal accountant. He is an Enrolled Agent, which is the most expansive and national license available from the IRS. Brenda Dixon Buie has been a tax preparer for over 30  years.

Areas of Practice


  • Specializing in both Business and Individual Tax Preparation

  • Payroll Services

  • Bookkeeping

  • New Business Startup Counseling

  • Entity Selection

  • Notary Services 

accounting taxes and more

August 23, 2022  - 


"If there is no struggle,

  There is no progress"

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Extensions -   Any S-Corp or Partnership that filed an extension need to know that the final deadline is September 15, 2022. All personal income tax returns, trust/estate returns and C-Corp returns are due October 17, 2022. Charities filing either 990 or 990-EZ are due November 15, 2022. This of course refers to any business, trust or estate that is on a calendar year basis.